It is mandatory to get building plan approval, which is a permit from appropriate authorities in Nigeria before construction can commence.

Your Building Development Permit is obtained from the Lagos State Physical Planning and Development Authority (LASPPDA), a parastatal under the Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development in Lagos state. LASBCA ensures that all building construction works are carried out according to specification and drawing detailed according to minimum standard stipulated by Building Codes. Its very important to get all documents ready for submission to hasten the process. People experience delays when the submission is not in compliance with the requirements. 

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1. 5 sets of Architectural Drawing.
2. 5 sets of Mechanical and Electrical Drawings (If applicable).
3. 5 sets of Structural Drawing and Calculation Sheets.
4. 5 Copies of Survey Plan and 1 original.
5. Certified true copy of the Certificate of Occupancy/Consent (Title Document).
6. Confirmation Letter from Lands in Lieu of Consent (if applicable).
7. Letter of supervision from COREN registered engineers for the structural drawings.
8. Environmental Impact Analysis Report (if applicable).
9. Soil Test report (if applicable).
10. Site Photographs.
11. Development Levy receipt.
12. Evidence of payment of assessment fees.
13. Land Use charge, Tenement Rate receipt or sworn affidavit in lieu of tenement rate.
14. Evidence of payment of ground rent (if Applicable).
15. Copy of Demand Notice for current year ground rent (if applicable).
16. Clearance Letter from L.U.A.C. (if applicable).
17. Clearance letter from Housing, Fire, Transportation, and Drainage (if Applicable).
18. Copy of Confirmation letter from NTDA (if applicable).
19. 2 Passport Photograph of Applicant(s).
20. Electronic tax clearance of applicant (with a copy of last payment receipt for tax).
21. Copy of certificate of incorporation (if the applicant is a company).
22. Two directors tax clearance (if the applicant is company name).
23. Evidence of Pay as You Earn of the company.
24. Copy of most recent company tax clearance.

To start with approval process, submit the proposed Architectural building plan to the town planning office nearest to the location of the proposed building to vet compliance with set standards. Its always advisable to engage the service of a competent Architectural Firm to oversee this process. If you have further enquiries kindly send them via our WhatsApp  chat box or contact page. 


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