Here are 5 Simple Ways To Reduce The Cost Of Your Building Project, both new and renovation works.

1. Review Your needs and Options

No one goes to war without counting the cost. It’s also advisable not to build without exploring available options. A needs and options review does that homework. It allows you to build a foundation from which you can develop a design and build your project. Options are identified at the beginning when changes are easy, rather than midway through your project when changes will be more difficult and costly.

You need to anwser these questions, out of ten:

  1. How clear are you on exactly what you need?
  2. How aware are you of all the various options your site will accommodate?
  3. How confident are you that you are aware of all legal requirements?
  4. How aware are you of the process you will need to have in place to get the project completed on time and on budget?
  5. How confident are you that your budget will achieve your needs?
  6. Will you need to phase your project?

You should be able to answer these questions at the inception of the project to avoid loopholes that may drain the project financially in course of its execution. You can download a more detailed guide to help you with the needs assessment.

2. Get Experienced Professionals

Good design professionals may cost some extra money, but their input helps in reducing the overall project cost drastically. An Architect provides the design and cordinates all the activities of other engineering consultants on the project. This includes the structural Engineers, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers. It’s easier to locate design errors which may be corrected on paper than on site. It’s advisable to engage the architect to coordinate this process to prevent design errors on the project.

3. Create a Budget

The building should be designed with your budget in mind to save cost. How? The building layout goes a long way in affecting the cost of the structure.

Usually preliminary estimates can be prepared at the inception of the project using square meters costing option to walk through your budget. Cost saving schemes that can be apllied includes the following, Facilities can be shared, wall thicknesses can be varied, plumbing services can be zoned for proximity to reduce cost, electrical design and cabling routes will be channelled effectively to minimize cable route distances etc.

4. Watch Out For Materials Quality and Quantity

Get the project costed either with a Bill of Quantities or Labour / materials schedule. At this stage you can play with different option of finishes materials which can either inflate or reduce the building cost.

5. Engage a Competent Builder and Get Architects Supervision

Engaging a competent builder will save you from errors during construction. We have had cases were columns were wrongly placed on site and had to be demolished later.

2 Reason being;

1. The Architect was not engaged to supervise the construction phase

2. The builder interpreted the design incorrectly.

The client had 2 option – demolish the column or leave it in the middle of the living room. You can guess the option he opted for.

6. Bonus (Use Green Building Technolgy)

Green building technology can be incorporated in the project to save the cost of energy/ power consumption in the building while In use. Green building technology has been discussed In details in our blog.

By following the above listed and proven tips, over time during the construction stages, you will realize that you have saved a good money much less than you planned.

Best wishes!

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