Why Your Office May Be Making You Sick (“5 Ways To Fix It“)

Hubspot has published an infographic which states four different factors that may lead to sickness in the office. It includes toxic chemicals on carpets and furniture and carbon monoxide entering the building through air vents.

To combat these factors, the infographic suggest that you decorate your office with air-cleaning plants and get fresh air on a more regular basis.

To find out more about staying healthy while at work, please check out the Infographics.

In Summary;

We have extracted the following major culprits and work place hazards.

1. Toxic Chemicals emitted by carpets and furniture.

2. Work surfaces prone to transfer germs and disease spread.

3. High carbon dioxide level from poor ventilation.

4. Carbon monoxide inflow to the office spaces from carparks causing nauseas, weakness, headaches, confusion and lethargy.

5. Poor and inadequate lighting causing eye strain and headaches.

We advise you fix them in 5 ways.

1. Decorate Office with healthy plants. Ferns are highly efficient in removing indoor air pollutants like benzene.

2. Get in clean fresh air in the mornings. Windows should be wide and well placed to ensure proper ventilation. Air conditioning can come in later in the day with temperature rise. A few minutes of fresh air normalises carbon dioxide level in the body.

3. Introduce Adequate natural and artificial lighting.

4. The right selection of furniture and finishes materials will ensure a healthier workplace. (Wooden floors, stain repellant furniture, carbon monoxide detectors etc)

5. Keep sufficient sanitisers and encourage regular hand washing. Clean and dust work areas regularly.

Bonus Tip: Introduce relaxing spaces or corners with exciting colours, light music and soft furnishing for cooling off sessions when you are about burning your tops. Stress is a silent killer that needs to be deliberately managed.

We hope this was helpful…

Lets know if you have any problems implementing them.

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