Home Offices: Smart Ways of Increasing your productivity.

Creating the right environment can have a big impact on your workflow. These tricks help you stay productive.

Exploit natural daylight
Your desk position should take advantage of the daylight. Daylight keeps us inspired and, more importantly, awake. Avoid glare as much as possible.

Put your desk in a power position
This is actually a feng shui tip. A power position for your desk is any place in which you will be able to see the door of your office. The psychology behind it is that having a door behind you and not knowing when somebody might come in can make you really tense, and hence less productive.

Incorporate different textures into your office décor
You want your office to be a stimulating place to be, and adding texture is a great way to stimulate your sense of touch. Adding natural and slightly rough materials, such as wood, is a great way to bring in texture, too.

Create a reading nook
A home office is a great place to read, as it will probably be tucked away in a quieter area. Ideally, you want your reading spot to be separate from your desk to allow your body to change position and give you a fresh mindset. Different spots for different tasks will help to focus you, and don’t forget that your reading nook can be used for relaxing, too.

Squeeze in a desk
If you don’t have space for a designated office, think of an area in your home with less traffic and try to convert it into a mini office. A desk in the corner of a room will still give you a designated space in which you know you need to focus. It certainly beats trying to get some work done on a coffee table in front of the TV. Get comfortable arm rest office chairs. Remember you don’t have to seat for too long. Work – Walk – Work.

Do you have a home office? Do you have any other tricks for increasing your productivity? Please share any ideas in the Comments below.

– iMarcPro Architects