Planning Small Offices and work spaces can be challenging. We have won with a lot of them.

Renting Office space can really be pricy. However you can make the best of that space if you take some of these steps included in this post when working on your interior designs. Feel free to try them out and lets have your feedback. 1. Stop taking free stuff. This can be a difficult philosophical shift when one is working on a tight budget. Just get what you need. It requires planning. 2. Remove the clutter. Clutter (signs, decorations, old electronic equipment and donated items that may be useful in the future) makes a space appear disorganized and much smaller. 3. Try removing everything off a desk or work surface and observe the difference both physically and mentally. 4. Make sure you are using space in a way that supports your mission. Make sure space is allocated accordingly. 5. Get control of your wires. Wrapped in wire management conduit and mounted to the underside of the work surface. It will look better, avoid tripping hazards and make the space feel larger. 6. Purchase the most flexible furniture possible. Growth equates to less space per capita and the reconfiguration of space/functions. This can be accomplished with moveable shelving, modular work stations and especially service desks. 7. Provide space for public functions AND space for the staff space to support them. 8. Staff must have adequate space to work in order to provide the best possible service –the two go hand and hand.

The following characteristics are of a work environment are vital for employee’s decision regarding taking or leaving the job:

– A neat and clean workplace – Visually appealing or pleasant looking – A well-lit and bright environment – New furniture and equipment – A private and quiet workspace – Easy access to people and equipment – Comfortable furniture – Air quality – Windows and/or nice views
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