You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Every visitor or prospective client wants a good and WOW experience. The importance of creating a positive first impression for guests is likely the reason people spend so much time looking at inspiring photos of reception areas and lobbies.

Every client wants to send a different message to their visitors. There is always a simple and effective way to ‘claim” that space without additional time and money. It could be as simple as a wall tastefully painted with the corporate color

Creating corporate band using spaces as a tool can be quite exciting. It should have a deliberate approach to it. It should be timeless.. The one thing to think about when looking at brand and space, is – is it timeless? What shelf life does it have? If it’s not, then it has to be a flexible solution that allows for easy change.

Branding comes in many forms: It could be just a sophisticated offering of comfort and graphics or as simple as a hint of the corporate color, or something that is much more dramatic.

The reception area should empower the user to feel connected to the organization. Its is where that journey / perception begins.

It’s working with companies to pull together their reception area looking at the experience the client wants to create and building off of that. All collaborations with the clients should be joint efforts to build on ideas & suggestions and end up with a solution that ticks all the boxes……e.g., WOW factor, branded, efficient, multi functioning, timeless.

It’s your turn to create that reception impression with your brand.

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