6 Building Mistakes To Avoid
Six Mistakes to Avoid In a Building Process

Discover the six mistakes that you should avoid when you are considering starting a building project. If you are engaging an architect, give them as much information as possible and this guide will help.
6 Mistakes To Avoid In a Building Project.
1. Not Engaging the right architect
2. Not Engaging the right builder
3. Not understanding and complying with building codes.
4. Not understanding the building design process.
5. Not having realistic timelines
6. Not working with a realistic budget.
The Building Process
Understanding the building process can be mind boggling. Just having a basic understanding of the process is difficult if you never done this before.
Where to Begin?
Do you know where to begin? To assist you we have created a one page flowchart of the process, which is a good way to start.
Which Guide is Best For You?
We’re happy  to help you with your building project. Just tell us in the ‘Message’ box which guide you want and we will send it to you for free.
Our home programming guide is free resource. Hope you find it helpful. Download link here  
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